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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App

How do I find the mobile app?
◦ You can download the ADF Membership mobile app on Apple App Store or on Google Play. Once the app has been downloaded to your phone, tablet or iPad, log on with the same credentials you use to log on to the website.
Why use the mobile app?
◦ The ADF Membership mobile app is the best way to listen to Audio Digest content on the go! The mobile app will automatically sync your website account for seamless listening. Test your knowledge, earn CME/CE credit and organize your playlist all from the convenience of a mobile device of your choice.
How will the app update on my device?
◦ The updated ADF Membership app notification will appear in the Apple App store for current Audio Digest app users to manually update or auto-update (based on your iPhone settings).
What happens to my completed work, credits and lectures?
◦ All completed pre and post-test, credits and lectures will remain on your account and any progress will sync to your online account as well as on the mobile app.
When will Android app get updated?
◦ The Android version of the ADF Membership app will launch in 2019.
Can I provide feedback on the app?
◦ Yes! Please email Audio Digest at feedback@audiodigest.org


What special features related to education/learning are available on the Audio Digest Membership platform?

State of the Art Media Player — The media player automatically synchronizes your progress across your online and mobile application account so you can go from your office to your car without missing a beat.

Personal Recommendations — Your dashboard offers relevant lecture recommendations based on your individual profile: individual specialty, scope of practice, interests or particular CME requirement.

Self-Assessment Tests — Test your mastery on a given topic by taking one of our Self-Assessment Tests. The results of this test will result in a list of recommend content to improve your in-depth knowledge.

Test Your Knowledge — Answer one of over 13,000+ questions from our library to test your knowledge. We’ll also let you know the course on which the question is based, so you can add it to your library and learn more on that topic.

Credit Tracker — Easily identify and keep track of activities to complete your state CME requirements.

Can I update my mailing address? E-mail address?
◦ To update your personal information, log-on to your website account and click on the “Your Account” link on the top Welcome Bar, then click on the “My Information” tab. Once on this page, you can update your contact information, personal information and state(s) of licensure.
How do I know when my membership expires?
◦ Your membership type and expiration date are located under your profile. Log-on to your website account and click on the “Your Account” link on the top Welcome Bar, then click on the “My Membership” tab. Your membership and expiration date can be viewed in this area and a link to renew your membership.
How do I find my specialty-specific courses?
◦ Your specialty-specific courses have been auto-populated into a playlist. From your Dashboard, click on the Playlists tab. Click on the appropriate Playlist under the “Name” header.
How do I find my latest issues?
◦ From your dashboard, click on the Library tab. Click on the “Expires” tab above the course list located on the far right of the display bar to sort all available courses by date. The most recent courses will appear in order of date issued.
Can I listen to lectures offline?
◦ Yes! First download the ADF Membership mobile app to your favorite mobile device. You can find the app via Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, log in using the same credentials you use to access your online account. Once you have logged in, find a course you would like to download and touch the cloud icon to download. The courses you select will remain accessible in the app for you to enjoy offline.
How do I print/download my CME/CE certificate?

◦ After you log in, go to your Dashboard, and click on the Credit Tracker tab. Then click on the My Transcript button. Once you are on the transcript page, you will see a preview of the credits earned year-to-date. To view/print a certificate of this year-to-date transcript, click on the Download Transcript button.

◦ Alternatively, you can utilize the Select Specialty and Select Date Range filters to customize your transcript for just those courses and/or the date range that are most meaningful for you. Click on “Submit” to view the customized transcript on-screen. You can change your filter selections as many times as you’d like, and each transcript version can be viewed/printed as a separate certificate by clicking on the Download Transcript button.

◦ Click on the Download Transcript button to generate a PDF of your CME/CE certificate. Double-click on the PDF to view your certificate onscreen. From there, you may save the document to your computer or mobile device.

How do I test?

◦ Audio Digest provides you with a Pre-test to gauge your baseline level of knowledge on the lecture material and a Post-test to gauge the level of knowledge gained from reviewing the lecture material.

◦ All tests utilize a multiple-choice format. Read each question carefully, and choose the correct response (multiple-choice, A through D). Once you have selected a response for each question, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the test page.

◦ About the Pre-test.

• Open the Pre-test tab (located in the display bar directly below the audio control bar) prior to listening to the lecture.

• The pretest may be taken only once, since it is meant to determine your “pre-knowledge” of course material. This test is recommended as a fundamental part of the learning process.

• After submitting your answers, you will see the following results: your score, which questions were answered correctly and which were not, and the percentage of other test-takers who answered each of the questions correctly.

◦ About the Post-test.

• Open the Post-test tab (located in display bar directly below the audio control bar) only after completing all components of the lecture-activity (including review of the written summary and suggested reading).

• The post-test is mandatory if you wish to earn CME/CE credit for the lecture-activity.

• A passing score of ≥80% is required, but you may retake the test as many times as necessary to earn a passing score (Note to CRNAs: The posttest may only be completed and submitted once due to the testing mechanism utilized by Audio Digest. See Accreditation section for more details).

• Select the Save button if you want to pause the test before submitting your answers. When all questions have been answered, select the Submit button. As in the Pretest, you will see your score, and which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. Note: Tests for activities that are also designated for "Maintenance of Certification" may include additional feedback such as rationale statements and suggestions for further reading.

• When you pass a posttest, you will see your score as well as the number of credits you have earned. You will be directed to proceed to the Evaluation tab to complete the activity.

I've listened to lectures on CD. How can I find the tests?

◦ CD subscribers can locate tests by clicking on CD Testing from your Dashboard. This will generate a listing of all available tests (based on the issue title and publication date), and their current status (eg, Not Started). Select the test that corresponds to the CD you just listened to, and follow the instructions listed, starting with your attestation that you have followed the steps required for accreditation. See above for testing instructions.


How do I earn CME credits or CE credits/contact hours?
◦ To earn CME/CE credit for an Audio Digest lecture-activity, you must complete all the following components in the order recommended:

(1) Review introductory course content, including Educational Objectives and Faculty/Planner Disclosures.

(2) Listen to the audio program and review accompanying learning materials.

(3) Complete posttest (only after completing Step 2) and earn a passing score of at least 80%. Taking the Pretest and completing the Evaluation Survey are strongly recommended (but not mandatory) components of completing an Audio Digest course.

◦ Specific rules for CRNAs are as follows: CRNAs must submit tests online, earn a passing score of >80% (retesting not allowed, due to the Audio Digest testing mechanism), and complete the accompanying Evaluation survey (“Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation”) to earn Class A CE credit for an Audio Digest Anesthesiology lecture-activity. Note: The required Evaluation Survey appears directly after you submit your posttest, and prior to you seeing your score. For more information, see the CRNA portion of the general Accreditation section.
Where are the test questions and how do I complete the pre- and post-tests?

Test questions are located on the last page of the written summary, and are used for both pre- and post-testing. To submit a test for scoring, participants must follow Steps 2 (pre-test) and 5 (post-test) in the online process, or utilize printed test/evaluation forms. Participants complete the pretest before—and the post-test after—listening to the audio and reviewing the written summary.

How do I earn CME/CE credit for individual Audio Digest lecture courses?

◦ Review introductory course content, including Educational Objectives and Faculty/Planner Disclosures

◦ Listen to the audio program and review accompanying learning materials

◦ Complete post-test (only after completing Step 2) and earn a passing score of at least 80%. Taking the course Pretest and completing the Evaluation Survey are strongly recommended (but not mandatory) components of completing an Audio Digest CME/CE course.

How does Audio Digest score and store test data?

Audio Digest scores your tests using both automated systems and manual entry. Your credits are then stored in our database for later cumulative certificate printing. Audio Digest maintains an individual’s credit records for at least 6 years.

What can I do online at www.audiodigest.org

◦ Download and/or listen to lectures

◦ Complete your pre- and post-tests

◦ Review your credit history

◦ Print your CME or CE certificates

◦ Update your address

How can the new ADF Membership App make it more convenient for me to earn CME/CE?

◦ Access all your audio programs and written summaries on your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod®

◦ Read the written summary while listening to the audio

◦ Take CME/CE tests and submit them for credit

◦ Receive automatic alerts to download the latest releases

◦ Listen and read offline after downloading the content

How do I earn CME credits or CE contact hours for participating in an Audio-Digest activity?

To earn CME/CE credits or CE contact hours, participants must take a pretest, thoroughly review the program content, and achieve 80% or greater on the post-test. (Note: ODs must achieve 70% or greater on the post-test to receive CE credit.)

How many CME credits or CE contact hours do I receive for an Audio-Digest program?*

For each Audio-Digest program completed successfully, participants may claim up to 2 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits or 2.0 Nursing CE contact hours (except for ACCEL programs, for which participants may claim up to 4 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits or 4.0 Nursing CE contact hours). CRNAs may claim 1.0 CE credit for each AD Anesthesiology program completed successfully. ODs may claim 1.0 CE credit for successfully completing each AD Ophthalmology program that has been submitted for and received COPE approval. Psychologists may claim 2.0 CE credits for each AD Psychiatry or AD Psychology program completed successfully. For each DiabetesInsight program completed successfully, Registered Dietitians or Dietetic Technicians, Registered may claim up to 2 CPEUs, and Certified Diabetes Educators may claim up to 2 clock hours of CE.

*The above information refers to Audio-Digest subscription series courses; these programs typically include a 1-hour audio presentation and accompanying study/test materials. Audio-Digest Board Review courses and Audio-Digest MOC Self-Assessment activities are individually designated for CME/CE credit; refer to program materials for specifics.

Does Audio Digest provide CME/CE certificates?

You may print out your certificate any time by using Audio Digest’s OnDemand Certificate Generation service. You can also request a certificate by contacting an Accreditation Services representative (see Contact Info below)

Can Audio Digest send my CME/CE certificate to my state board or other licensing body?

Audio Digest sends certificates to the participant only. Audio Digest also provides direct reporting of MOC Self-Assessment credits to various specialty boards on behalf of diplomates who subscribe to this service. Additionally, Audio Digest provides direct reporting of credits to the AANA for CRNA subscribers and to the Florida Department of Health via CE Broker (for those Florida practitioners who provide a valid Florida license number), and to the ACPE for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (see General Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians accreditation section for specific details).

For what time period do AudioDigest lecture-activities qualify for CME/CE credit?

Unless stated otherwise, AudioDigest lecture-activities qualify for CME/CE credit for up to 35 months from the date of publication.*

*CRNAs should refer to the “Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)” section of the general Accreditation section for details on Class A CE expiration dates for specific AudioDigest Anesthesiology activities.

*The above information refers to Audio-Digest subscription series programs and Audio-Digest Board Review courses. Qualifying time periods/expiration dates may differ for other Audio-Digest programs, such as AD MOC Self-Assessment activities; refer to program materials for details.

What are educational objectives and where are they located?

Educational objectives provide an overview of learning goals and activity content. They are located on page 1 of the written summary and the first viewing page of the online activity.

Can paper test/evaluation forms be copied?

No. Copies, summary sheets (ie, last page of written summary containing the questions), and scanned, computer-generated, or otherwise altered test forms are not accepted for credit and will be discarded. Test/evaluation forms are free for paid subscribers upon request. Non-subscribing participants may purchase forms by contacting Subscriber Services at 1-800-423-2308 (allow 15 business days for forms to arrive).

What information is required on my test/evaluation form before submitting for credit?

Required information includes your name, address, and title (this information is preprinted for subscribers). Additionally, all participants must bubble in the correct service (eg, AN, FP), volume, and issue.

What is the deadline to submit test/evaluation forms to earn CME/ CE credit or CE contact hours for a given calendar year?

The submission deadline is December 31st of the year in which you wish the credit recorded.

When will I receive my CME/CE certificate?

For your convenience, and in an effort to Go Green, Audio Digest encourages you to take advantage of our OnDemand Certificate Generation service. Any time you want - day or night - you can print out your CME/CE certificate of credits earned, and customize the certificate for a specific time period or for specific programs, simply by accessing your account online at audiodigest.org

If at any time, you would prefer to have us print and mail a certificate to you, you can request this service by emailing accred@audiodigest.org or by calling 1-800-423-2308.

Can Audio-Digest Foundation send my CME/CE certificate to my state board or other licensing body?

ADF sends certificates to the participant only. (As a courtesy upon your request, we can provide you with additional copies to be submitted to boards and/or licensing bodies.). ADF also provides direct reporting of MOC Self-Assessment credits to the American Board of Anesthesiology® (ABA), the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) on behalf of diplomates who subscribe to this service.

What is Audio Digest’s policy regarding disclosures of speakers’ relevant financial relationships?

In adherence to ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, Audio Digest requires all faculty and members of the planning committee to disclose relevant financial relationships within the past 12 months that might create any personal conflicts of interest. Prior to publication, any identified conflicts must have been resolved to ensure that the educational activity promotes quality in health care and not a proprietary business or commercial interest. For each Audio Digest CME/CE lecture course, information regarding financial relationships for all members of the faculty and planning committee is disclosed to the learner prior to the start of the activity (including the statement, “nothing to disclose” when applicable).


Can I access my lectures after my subscription has expired?

◦ Board Review, Clinical Compendia and Silver membership customers can access lectures after your subscription has expired until each lecture expires for CME/CE credit.

For questions regarding subscriptions, orders, address changes, and test form requests, contact Subscriber Services via email at adfinfo@audiodigest.org or by calling 1-800-423-2308


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